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Simply submit your questions, stories, or concerns through our easy-to-use form. Daisy delves into each message with compassion and curiosity, eager to provide the most helpful and supportive advice possible.

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At The Pampered Pup, we understand that every dog has their unique quirks, joys, and challenges. That’s why we’ve created “Dear Daisy,” a heartfelt column dedicated to nurturing the bond between you and your furry family member. Whether you’re puzzled by your pup’s latest antics, seeking tips for optimal health and happiness, or simply wish to share a heartwarming story, Daisy is here to lend an ear.

Each submission is met with thoughtful, researched, and empathetic responses, tailored to help you and your pup thrive. From behavioral quirks to wellness wonders, no topic is too big or small.

The Beginner’s Guide to Dog Massage

Get this 34-page guide to learn how to incorporate massage into your regular routine.  It’s great as a standalone resource or the perfect compliment to our personalized massage guides!