This is our sweet pup, Murphy.  He’s a rescue dog and quite a find, I must say!  We always thought we spoiled ol’ Murphy but I couldn’t believe some of the ways people spoil their pups!

My husband raised quite an eyebrow when I urged him to buy this $50 memory foam bed for Murphy. (Doesn’t he just look so cozy?)  It’s a standard joke that Murphy has a more comfortable bed than we do!  But compared to the huge pet market, that’s mere chump change!

From beds to clothes, to food, people definitely pamper their furry friends like crazy! And in many cases, money is definitely no object.  I’ve found dog houses that look like castles and country estates.  I’ve seen dogs of all sizes and breeds dressed in designer outfits.  And, I’ve even seen some dogs wearing jewelry more expensive than any I’ve ever had!

But, whatever your budget, I’m sure you’re like me and love spoiling your pet in your own way.  Maybe it’s by baking healthy, homemade treats or maybe it’s just giving him or her a safe, secure home filled with love and companionship.  No matter, our pets are members of our families, right?

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy looking around Pamper Your Pup to see some of the outrageous ways people pamper their pets. And maybe you’ll find some good ideas on how to pamper your own favorite pup.